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Dr. Annie DePasquale – Founder

Collaborating Docs was founded by Dr. Annie DePasquale, a Board-certified Family Medicine physician who first-hand saw an unmet need of her NP & PA colleagues who needed a supervising physician to practice independently.

Dr. DePasquale benefited greatly from the mentorship of NPs throughout her career, especially when she was a green new grad, so she is very committed to giving back to the community that helped her so much.



Dr. DePasquale has been amazing to work with. She allows for autonomy while also being very present and available to assist when needed. She has provided great feedback and has been indispensable in our practice.

– KF, an NP in Texas

Working with Dr. DePasquale has been a blessing to my practice. As a physician assistant, I run my own practice in a rural part of North Carolina. Dr. DePasquale helps with both the clinical and business aspects of my growing practice. I’m very grateful for her commitment to me & my patients.

– RH, a PA in North Carolina

Dr. DePasquale has been an invaluable asset to my practice. She has been readily accessible to collaborate, and she is very supportive of nurse practitioners”

– EC, an NP in Texas



Why did Dr. Annie start Collaborating Docs?2021-02-03T17:39:51+00:00

As a Family physician, Dr. Annie has collaborated with NPs & PAs for many years. She understands the challenge of finding reputable collaborating physicians. And since she, herself, benefitted greatly from the mentorship of NPs when she was a new physician, she feels called to help NPs & PAs to build their own practices.

What are the benefits of working with Collaborating Docs?2021-02-03T17:40:22+00:00

We understand how hard it is to find a collaborative physician, so our goal is to make the process easy. We match NPs & PAs with physicians who truly enjoy working with NPs & PAs. We emphasize quality, so our physicians understand that they must be actively engaged & provide support. Also, we partner with a legal team that helps us follow all state-specific regulations. They draft our agreements to ensure that all rules are followed.

How do you find the doctors?2021-02-03T17:40:57+00:00

Dr. Annie relies on her own large network of physician colleagues that she knows & trusts.

What are requirements of the collaborating physicians?2020-11-07T14:20:14+00:00

All Collaborating Docs physicians must fulfill the following requirements:
1) They must be available for consultations/questions during business hours.
2) They must review at least 10% of the charts monthly.
3) They must do a video check-in call once a month.
4) They must follow any additional, state-specific requirements.

Who does Collaborating Docs work with?2021-01-26T19:39:52+00:00<