Match with a collaborating physician
in 14 days or less
or your money back!

We help Nurse Practitioners
by connecting with one of over
500 physicians in all 50 states

The struggle of finding a collaborator doesn't stop at finding a collaborator..

Not only do you have to find a physician that’s available and willing to mentor you, but you also have to find a budget-friendly lawyer that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars to draft the collaborative agreement and who will keep you updated with ever-changing state-specific requirements.

Not to mention that you will also need to secure and pay for your physician’s malpractice coverage as well.

Here's how it looks:

Physician fees $24,000/yr Avg 8 weeks search
Malpractice insurance
Avg 4 weeks comparing plans
Lawyer's invoices
Avg 2 weeks looking for a good lawyer



14 weeks

But with our help, we'll turn it into this:

Physician fees Average $750/month -
Malpractice insurance
Lawyer's invoices
One-time match fee
Guaranteed match within 14 days (97% of our clients match in less than A WEEK)



3-14 days

Not only do we guarantee you a match within 14 days (97% of our clients match in less than A WEEK), we assure you that your hand-picked collaborating physician will…

  • Always be available during business hours
  • Review at least 10% of your charts monthly
  • Have a monthly check-in video call with you
  • Fulfill any other state specific requirements 

As for the cost, your money goes so far...

All you have to do is pay the one time $500 match fee and then a flat monthly rate which we will quote you for free

Our in-house legal team will provide the collaborative agreement & state-specific guidance.

We will also cover the malpractice for your physician, so you can fully focus on practicing medicine.

Is your practice listed? Then we're the perfect match...

Success stories you won't believe...

You'll love our easy process...


You will receive a personalized quote from our Medical Advisory Team based on your scope of practice, years of experience, location, hours worked, etc.

You’ll find that our service gives you a tremendous amount of value at a very reasonable price

You can provide a credit card, debit card and/or bank account.

You will not be charges an extra fee to use a credit or debit card.

Once you put your termination request in writing, you will not be charged anything further.

We pride ourselves on our flexible contract that allows you to easily part ways if needed.

We do our very best to make our clients happy, if your physician is not supportive or accessible, we will rematch you for free. We go to great lengths to make sure that our matches are going to lead to solid, long-term relationships

Absolutely, we assist many clients with securing a back-up physician. Please indicate this need on your intake form.

We help lots of small, mid and large companies with outsourcing the administrative & legal challenge of connecting their NP employees and contractors with collaborating physicians.

The first step is to have each individual NP schedule a call with one of our consultants to get their free quote.

In order to provide a super efficient & stream-lined service, all service agreements are now between Collaborating Docs and our NP clients.

As the employer, if you want to reimburse your NP later, you’re more than welcome, but we leave that to your discretion.

Based on the laws of nearly every state, RNs & LPNs cannot receive collaborative services because they cannot practice independently.

Before a nurse can provide treatment to a patient, a medical provider with an advanced degree must perform a “good faith exam” and authorize the treatment plan.

We therefore do not encourage nurses without advanced degrees to practice beyond their scope, which could cause them to lose their licenses and face other legal consequences.

Collaborating Docs is 100% focused on helping nurse practitioners find collaborating physicians and therefore no longer provides its services to new physician assistant clients.

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