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Collaborating Docs was founded in 2020 by Dr. Annie DePasquale, a Board-certified Family Medicine physician who first-hand saw an unmet need for her NP colleagues who need a supervising physician to practice independently.

Dr. Annie DePasquale

Dr. Annie DePasquale


When Dr. DePasquale realized how hard it is for NPs to find a collaborating physician, she knew she had to do something. The hoops that nurse practitioners have to jump through to start practicing are too exhausting for anyone to handle alone.

Dr. DePasquale benefited greatly from the mentorship of NPs throughout her career, especially when she was a green new grad, so she is very committed to giving back to the community that helped her so much.

Our mission is to make it easy for NPs to help more patients by having the freedom of choice. Collaborating Docs has helped over 4000 NPs match with collaborating physicians.

Our Team

Annie DePasquale, MD
Founder & CEO

I love to spend quality time with my husband & four young children. We enjoy doing touristy things in our hometown.

Amanda Guarniere, NP
Senior Onboarding Manager

I love camping with my family, traveling, doing jigsaw puzzles, and reading in my free time.

Alex Gonzalez, DNP
Director of Client Success

I love being outdoors and trying new food spots in town with my husband and our two pups!

Brooklynn Baker
Director of Operations

I love exploring new restaurants and coffee shops with my family. We also love traveling together and have been to 6 different countries.

Koury Mallett, DNP
Director of Special Projects

I love getting out of the house with my family and spending time together.

Amanda Lee, NP
Onboarding Manager

I love traveling with my loved ones and experiencing new things and places together. I also really enjoy diving in to a good book.

Jasmine Jackson, NP
Client Success Representative

I find fulfillment in hobbies, like reading, teaching pilates, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

Callie Donner, NP
Onboarding Consultant

I enjoy hiking outdoors with my family and taking road trips together.

Karis Hurst, NP
Onboarding Consultant

I love spending quality time with my family by the water or dancing in the kitchen. I also enjoy good books and cheesy Hallmark movies!

Jen Rickard, NP
Onboarding Consultant

I love adrenaline-filled vacations with my family riding roller coasters, skiing, water parks, boating, hiking and more.

Hayes Saul, NP
Onboarding Liaison

I love spending time with my family, wine tasting, and staying active in whatever way, shape, or form I can!

Kim Dacek, NP 
Onboarding Consultant

I love spending time with my family outdoors snowboarding, nordic skiing, trail running, and mountain biking.

Cheneil Fleary-Walker, NP
Onboarding Consultant

I love spending time with my wonderful husband and our 3 beautiful little girls exploring different restaurants and theme parks! We especially love quick little get aways for a staycation!

Fast Facts about Dr. Annie, the founder of Collaborating Docs

Dr. Annie DePasquale

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