Are you dreaming of opening your own Primary Care Practice?

You may need a collaborating physician – Collaborating Docs has you covered, and makes it easy with affordable rates and a 14-day match guarantee. Book a call today

 Done-for-You Collaboration™  by

  • Match with collaborator in 14 days or less, guaranteed

  • Work with a supportive, responsive, and committed collaborating physician

  • Affordable monthly rates

  • 100% compliant agreement for your state and specialties requirements

  • Collaborating physician malpractice insurance included
  • Ability to cancel agreement if needed
  • FREE rematch if collaborating physician is not supportive or accessible

Here is what our clients say …

Sarah Elliot, FNP-C

Primary Care – Tennessee

Why start a Primary Care Practice?

Primary Care practices play a vital role in increasing access to health care for the public. As a nurse practitioner, opening a primary care practice allows you to focus on the whole individual as you provide basic care, prevent illnesses, make diagnoses, and treat conditions for your patients.