How To Get Your First Side Hustle as a Nurse Practitioner

Regardless of the field you are in, you may be wondering how you can get started with your first side hustle. Good side hustles are excellent ways to bring in additional income while gaining a set of skills and experience to add to your resume.

When it comes to nurse side hustle ideas, you may consider going into wound care, health coaching, IV infusion or something else entirely. No matter which specialization most appeals to you, read on to find out more about getting your first nurse practitioner side hustle!

Do Your Research

The first thing to think about when exploring side business ideas is gathering as much information as you can about it. While this may start out as a quick Google search, you don’t want to stop there. Doing your due diligence includes listening to podcasts, talking to people in the field, researching companies, networking, and so much more. It’s essential that you get a rough idea of whether the side hustle you are going into will be a good fit for you before you start.

Although doing hours of research may not sound appealing to you, think about the time you are actually saving by picking the right side hustle the first-time round. If you decide later on that it’s not for you after all, that’s perfectly fine, but if this could have been avoided by doing more research, you would not have wasted any time at all!

Talk to People to Get Practical Side Hustle Tips

When researching your options, it’s not just enough to get second-hand information or read up job descriptions and requirements online. To really understand what’s required on how to work a side hustle, you will have to talk to real people who have been through it all. Taking the time to reach out and grow your network will prove invaluable here. If possible, arrange phone calls or Zoom meetings with practitioners in the field.

Talk to people who do many of the same types of jobs to get a better understanding of what will be required of you. For instance, you may wish to reach out to another nurse practitioner who’s doing wound care for four different companies in your area and pick their brain about those specific companies. It never hurts to be overinformed!

Give the NP Side Hustle a Go

As much as you can obtain information through networking and doing research, you will never know if something is a correct fit for you until you give it a try. Everything may look good on paper, but it may not always translate into reality. The same thing goes for employers: the perfect candidate on paper may not always prove to be the best fit once they have started work.

The important thing is to go into it with the right attitude and give it enough time to determine whether you have made the right choice. At the very least, give it a few months to ensure you know the ins and outs of the job. If you are having doubts, all you need to do is just jump in and start doing it before you can say for sure whether it’s something you want to continue with.

Evaluate if It’s Right for You

Do you love it? While it may not make you jump out of bed excited to do it every day, you also shouldn’t be dreading it or seeing it as a chore. A nurse practitioner side hustle is something you will dedicate a significant amount of your time to, so make sure it’s the right thing to be doing for you. Again, this is something you may not know for sure until you have had the chance to try it, but reading, researching and speaking to people can give you a better idea of what to expect.

At the end of the day, take some time to consider if this is something you can see yourself continuing down the road. Make sure you have given yourself sufficient time to familiarize with every aspect of the job instead of making a premature and uninformed decision. If you can say with certainty that the answer is no: leave. Something that you dread going to every day is not the right hustle for you!

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