Regular Content Driven Emails

When it comes to marketing your medical practice, one of the key things to do is publish regular content driven emails. Let’s break this apart. Regular means in a recurring scheduled sort of manner sending out content driven emails with helpful advice and education value. A not too little, not too much sort of email messaging that actually gives good knowledge to the person receiving it.

If you have some sort of email, patient, customer, client, or prospective list, you need to be reaching out to them. It can be a little bit harder than it sounds on the surface. Life gets busy, it’s hard to sit down and write a beautiful, wonderful email week after week if you do it weekly or even monthly. Add it to your calendar on your phone or wherever you keep track of things. I have to sit down, make this, write this, craft this email, have it ready and it will launch every fourth Thursday of the month.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Even with my own company, there are times I’ve fallen off because things get busy and we do a weekly email, but you have to put a sort of safety net in place. So the best one is really to prepare in advance. So I now have four or five emails in advance ready to go so if I do get busy, I’m not actually not sending an email that week.

Add Every Patient to Your Email List Database

So add every patient that comes to you to your email list database. I’d say probably the most common is Mail Chimp. I know they have very affordable beginner starter business plans. Also if you have an EMR, they may or may not sort of have a way to keep your email database through that. That’s where you want to store all people who’ve ever expressed interest or have seen you or have thought about seeing you. They should be added to your list.

How Often Should You Send Emails?

Realistically for a busy nurse practitioner running your own practice, a monthly email is perfectly wonderful. It will need to be rather generalized to the patient population that you serve. So if you’re in primary care, typical things would be how to avoid getting diabetes or here’s some exercises for your core/how to stay healthy. Say you are specialized in mental health care. Discuss how to avoid stress, how exercise can help mental health, things like that. Think of topics that your clientele will actually find helpful, but they’re general enough to apply to sort of a broad audience.

Getting an email like this can be a trigger for the patient to remember to see that provider (ie I forgot my checkup, my colonoscopy, or to follow up on my diabetes medicine. Getting the email, even if they don’t read it or look at it, just seeing the practice’s name will be a lightning bolt. Obviously not for everyone, but a good number. You’ll see kind of an uptick in calls, emails, and appointments right after you send your email.

Legal Requirements in Email

You definitely want to have an unsubscribe option. I believe it’s legally required. You don’t want them to click spam. Make sure that unsubscribe is right there usually at the bottom so people can get out of it if they don’t wanna keep getting your messages.

Personalize the Message and Give Them A Reason To Contact You

Always be sure what you’re communicating is personalized to them. You know, “hi, first name…” It is a lot better if you can do that rather than just, “Hey, everybody out there..” people don’t feel special that way.

The other part is to have a call to action usually at the bottom of the email. That’s what you want the person to do because of the email. So if you’re talking all about how to prevent diabetes, the call to action could be this coming week, try your hardest to actually have five fruits and vegetables a day and cut back on your refined carb intake. Be specific like, here’s your homework for the week. I suggest you start taking a walk around the block at least every other day after you eat dinner, And you can also sprinkle it in with a very blatant plug for yourself. Come see me if you haven’t been in the last couple of months so we can check up on how everything is going with you and your health.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. I wish you all the best as you set up or grow your practice. And don’t forget to include email marketing as one more thing on your monthly to-do list. It will pay off hugely in the long run.


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