Create a Side Hustle Fund Your New Medical Practice

How Can You Pick the Best Side Hustle for You?

It’s a very personal decision, and I’ll cover some topics that might help you come to terms with what is the best side hustle that you should personally pursue. 

I feel as though I’m coming from a background and experience, that’s a good one to share advice on side hustles because I have had many side hustles through the last decade of my life. Things from doing wound care and nursing homes on the side to doing lots of different telemedicine jobs on the side to doing work as a brand partner, and then more recently as a health coach with Optivia. 

Some have been very lucrative and enjoyable. Others not so much. That’s why it’s important to discuss what are the factors you should be considering when you’re deciding what sort of side hustle to pursue.

What is a Side Hustle? 

Basically the name side, meaning it’s on the side of your career, the side of your medical practice. Hustle, meaning you’re gonna have to put some hustle into it. It’s something you’re doing sort of in the nooks and crannies of your life, in your free time to make extra income typically. 

I’m actually shooting this in my car, obviously, as you can see, but that kind of shows, this is the mentality of a side hustle. You’re fitting it in. My son is in his robotics class right now on a Sunday afternoon. So this is my golden opportunity to make a quick video. And yes, I’m not in a professional studio or anything, but at least this gets the job done and I’m making use of my limited free time.

3 Things to Determine If this is the Right Side Hustle for You

There are three things to think about when you’re trying to decide what is the right side hustle for you personally. 


Number one is passion. What are you passionate about? You have to love, love, love what you’re doing as a side hustle, or very quickly, you’re not gonna wanna do it. If you absolutely love bath products, then yes, maybe selling bath products on the side is a perfect fit. Or if you love, love, love makeup, maybe working for Mary Kay is the perfect thing for you. If you’re really just into practicing medicine, maybe picking up moonlighting shifts at your local hospital makes perfect sense for you. You really have to know what you truly love to do. 

Know Your Abilities

Second, you need to know your own abilities. What are you good at? Are you great at conducting telemed visits one after another without getting burnt out of it and making your patients happy and just feeling good about all the people you’re able to help with their health? That could be the perfect, you know, side gig for someone like yourself. 

On the other hand, maybe you wanna do something totally not medical whatsoever. And throwing Tupperware parties in your home on the weekend actually sounds like fun because you love being social and you have a big network of friends and family, and you’re passionate about cooking and helping people get organized. 

You really wanna think, am I gonna be good at this? And what abilities do I have to make this happen? 

What is Your Goal?

And last but not least, you should consider what is your ultimate goal with your side hustle?

Is it just a little side thing that makes you a little bit of income to pay for your kids’ robotics class? Or is it a need, or a want to make enough money to buy a second home or buy a new truck, or go on a fabulous worldwide vacation? Now we’re talking, you need more, you know, substantial income from it. Or maybe I really don’t like my day job at all and I want my side hustle to become my main hustle, my main career. 

Whatever side hustle you choose, make sure that whatever you pick has that ability. If it’s a part-time telemed job with no prospects for growth, it probably isn’t a total career move. On the other hand, if you like health coaching, lots and lots of people end up leaving their careers in medicine or other careers to be a health coach full-time, doing part-time hours, but making full-time pay.


When deciding on a side hustle look at what are the opportunities with what you’re looking to pursue? What are you passionate about? What are your abilities? Do they match well? And what is your ultimate goal to get out of this side hustle? I encourage you to give it a lot of thought before you dive into anything that you’re picking, just to make sure it is the right fit for you.


If your side hustle requires you to have a collaborating physician – we’ve got you covered! Sign up for a meeting with our Onboarding Consultants and see what we can do for you, and your side hustle!



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