Learn the Skills For Your Telemedicine Practice

Healthcare workers go through years of education, but they rarely learn anything about business. If you’re a nurse practitioner interested in starting your own telemedicine practice, there’s a few entrepreneurial skills you should learn to help you get started in the world of business.

Today, we’re discussing how to get started with the education and skills you need to build your business. Whether you need some help with accounting, marketing, or management skills, getting educated fills in the cracks and supports your success. Join us to learn the top entrepreneurial skills for telemedicine businesses

Taking Business Courses

Spend time taking courses to sharpen up on skills you did not learn in school – advertising, bookkeeping, social media, etc. Take, or audit, classes at your local community college, or find online courses that cover areas you need to learn or improve upon. Whatever is your weak point, take classes in that.

Know it All

Understand every part of your business, even the miniscule of tasks you should know how to do in case of emergencies. You need to know every part of your business well enough to train or teach someone else to do it. Then you will have the ability to step in if that person calls out sick or you need to train someone new.

Connect with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

If you have a question on a particular subject, there’s probably an expert out there that can answer it. Find them and get the right level of advice. My method is to talk to three experts and compare their answers. I use Upwork, a website with freelancers, to find three experts in their field and have a one-hour zoom consult to drill them on the topic, problem, and potential solutions. This usually results in comparable feedback that I feel comfortable in implementing.

Outsourcing Time Consuming Tasks

Things that divert your attention too much for your business should be outsourced. Keep your focus on the big picture and the clinical care rather than the nitty gritty tiny things. You should still know how to do the nitty gritty, but once you do, if its not worth your time or effort – outsource it.


Learn by doing! You may make a mistake or two, but those are valuable experiences and you can then outsource them later. So many people are held back by saying “I don’t know how to do it” and then don’t do it. Get a book, do the research and you may fail, and you may not! You may need to call in a subject matter expert to get it across the finish line. Not matter what, a real entrepreneur gets to a solution and moves forward.

Some Exceptions

There are some exceptions to having to learn and know everything. Things that are highly specialized, like billing or legal, should be left to experts. For these tasks, leave it to the professionals.


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